We have been listening attentively to user feedback since 2016, when the game was launched, and the two most frequent observations have been “When will it be available in my language?” and “Some parts of the rules required two or more readings before I figured them out”. We reached the conclusion that the best way to address both of these issues was the production of an International Edition of Revolution D100. The IE will include the Italian, French and Spanish translations, and a revised English edition which aims at rephrasing those parts that someone found hard to read and simplifying some of the crunchy bits. However, the core of the game remains unchanged, and a mini-update for those who do not wish to repurchase the core book will be available at a token price for the English edition. We will also update and translate the SRD.

Alephtar Games will be in charge of the English, French and Italian editions, while HT Publishers will produce the Spanish version, as disclosed two years ago. Around May 2019 we intend to launch a crowdfunding campaign which will encompass all four localized versions of the International Edition, with all four of them scheduled for delivery in 2019. The SRD will be available in all four languages before the campaign, at least partially, as we already have several chapters of the translations ready.

The International edition will be a 256-page hardcover book in full colour on glossy paper, with most of the graphic identity of the original edition unchanged. By splitting the financial burden of commissioning new colour plates among four editions, we plan to optimize expenses and to give Revolution D100 the treatment it deserves. A new printing of the combat cards, a utility pack with pull-out charts and other goodies, like a combat tracker, will be part of the crowdfunding and complete the core package of the game.


The following is a clarification of our position on the subject of licensing and ownership of the intellectual properties we use in our Revolution D100 game line.

Revolution D100 is an Open Roleplaying Game System which uses the Open Gaming Licence, which Wizards of the Coast introduced in 2000 for its D20 line. It uses the original System Reference Document (SRD) by WotC, as well as other SRDs produced later for D100 game systems. In particular, it uses the SRD that Mongoose Publishing created in 2006 for its D100 line, labelled “RuneQuest System Reference Document” and usually referred to as the MRQ SRD. This document was labelled “RuneQuest” because the owner of the RuneQuest trademark, Issaries Inc., had licensed the aforementioned trademark and use of the setting of Glorantha to Mongoose Publishing. Revolution D100 also uses other SRDs like OpenQuest and Legend that are direct derivatives of the MRQ SRD.

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