Alephtar Games, in collaboration with Mirko Pellicioni Edizioni and Edizioni Scudo, is proud to present the second of its cross-media products: Guide to the Galactic Frontier. Based on the “Tourist’s Guide to the Galactic Frontier” book written by novelist Giorgio Sangiorgi and illustrated by artist Luca Oleastri, this supplement for the Revolution D100 roleplaying game describes more than 40 alien worlds located in Frontier Space, examining the outstanding features of each planet. All worlds come with a map of their areas of interest and color plates illustrating their most remarkable peculiarities, such as alien species or space anomalies. The book also details the equipment, vehicles and technology that your character will use on his or her exploration missions.

The book suggests a sample storyline in which players travel on board the Imperial Spaceship Onyx, which is stranded in Frontier Space during an exploration mission, forcing its crew to search for a way back – or perhaps a new home, who knows? However, you are also free to make up your own frontier stories, using the treasure of information included.




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