Dynamic D100 lets you pilot one of Go Nagai’s super robots. Have you ever dreamed to say “Maziiiin Go! Pilder On!” and dock with Mazinger Z? Have you ever wished that your armchair could make two half turns and launch you into the blue with UFO Robot Grendizer? Did you spend your childhood shouting “Shoot the Jeeg Parts, Miwa!” and imagining to turn into the Steel Jeeg?

With Dynamic D100 your dreams come true!

  • No previous roleplaying experience required: pick one of your favourite heroes from the anime and start playing at once with our intuitive hero and robot sheets!
  • Classic game structure that RPG veterans will find familiar: six base attributes, fourteen percentile skills with specializations, roll under your skill to accomplish a task or to hit an enemy.
  • Simple, exciting narrative conflict rules for action scenes and combat among humans: portray a car chase, a debate at the United Nations and a gunfight with the same rules.
  • Detailed rules for combat among robots: multiple types of weapon damage, tactical combat options, transformations in the heat of battle and limbs flying off.
  • No maps required: use figures if you like, but you can do without them. The game includes a simple combat tracker to record distances and initiative, but even this is optional.
  • Gain Karma by portraying your hero in heroic scenes and calling weapons out loud. Spend Karma to influence die rolls and create epic tactical situations.

Dynamic D100 will be available in English from February 2021, an d is currently in  pre-order.

Second part in our article series about the genesis of Dynamic D100. We aim at reproducing the peculiarities of a robotic anime show, but what are its unique features?. 


Third article about the genesis of Dynamic D100. Today we explain what makes characters heroic, and how to represent it in the game.


This series of articles is an introduction to the upcoming Dynamic D100 roleplaying game, which Alephtar Games and Kaizoku Press are about to release. We want to clarify some concepts when the game is not out yet, and to give a pre-emptive answer to some questions that will probably arise.


Alephtar Games, Kaizoku Press and Dynamic Planning Inc. are proud to present the game that has been missing from your collection since 1978: 

Dynamic D100, the roleplaying game of Go Nagai’s Super Robots.