Second part in our article series about the genesis of Dynamic D100. We aim at reproducing the peculiarities of a robotic anime show, but what are its unique features?. 


This series of articles is an introduction to the upcoming Dynamic D100 roleplaying game, which Alephtar Games and Kaizoku Press are about to release. We want to clarify some concepts when the game is not out yet, and to give a pre-emptive answer to some questions that will probably arise.


Alephtar Games, Kaizoku Press and Dynamic Planning Inc. are proud to present the game that has been missing from your collection since 1978: 

Dynamic D100, the roleplaying game of Go Nagai’s Super Robots.


Third article about the genesis of Dynamic D100. Today we explain what makes characters heroic, and how to represent it in the game.


It is high time to provide some explanations to our most faithful followers. Alephtar Games announced some great new publications for 2019, a Medievalia D100 line and a new edition of the rules. We have a delayed kickstarter for Red Moon Rising, too, that backers are really eager to see completed (we have not forgotten it, and an expanded version of these explanatory notes will appear later on the RMR page on KS).

Yet 2019 saw only a couple of PDFs come out, plus a revision of the quickstart version of the rules, in two languages out of the announced four.