More than forty years ago a visionary author from the Land of the Rising Sun created comic books and animated series where men, machines and mythical creatures engaged in epic battles and limbs were ripped off on a regular basis. When these series reached Europe in 1978 they shaped the imagination of entire generations like few tales had done before. In that same year other visionaries created the first roleplaying game where everything was resolved with a percentile roll and limbs flew off in every combat.


After four decades of waiting Alephtar Games, Kaizoku Press and Dynamic Planning Inc. are proud to present…

 The roleplaying game of Go Nagai’s Super Robots

If you have ever dreamed of piloting Mazinger, Getter Robo or Grendizer, or transforming into the Steel Jeeg, then that moment has come. Dynamic D100 is the game that lets you take the role of the heroic super robot pilots and fight for peace and justice against the forces of evil. Pick the rash Hiroshi, the brave Jun or the wise Duke and play as the hero you always dreamed to be.

Dynamic D100 leverages Alephtar Games’ own game engine to yield an experience as close to the original anime as you can find. Revolution D100’s conflict system lets the game flow narratively during non-violent scenes and personal combat, with detailed action and precise locational damage kicking in only for mecha combat. Players will use their characters’ personal motivations and epic battlecries to generate Karma points which will bring them to victory against overwhelming forces.

The super robots that the basic game proposes to use are Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Venus Ace, Getter Robot G (Dragon, Ryger and Poseidon), Steel Jeeg and UFO Robot Grendizer, with all their classic pilots. But perhaps in your game the pilots are not the same you saw in the classic series, who knows?

The game does not require ownership of the Revolution D100 core rules and will be available in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Getter Robot G, UFO Robot Grendizer and Kootetsu Jeeg are © Go Nagai / Dynamic Planning. Their likeness is used under license. Artwork by Kazuhiro Ochi.