A Revolution IS COMING

All things living change and evolve. Life demands growth and evolution. If you do not experience change, you are like dead (although Strange Aeons might fix even this problem).

As we are not eager to wait for Strange Aeons to come, it is time for us to experience change.

For the last few years, Alephtar Games has produced various supplements and accessories for role-playing games in the English language, some of which greatly appreciated by the public. However, none of these products was usable alone and all required other products (game systems) published by top quality game makers which licensed their trademarks to us. This restriction is no longer compatible with our business plans. Particularly when almost all products we offer in other languages are of the stand-alone type.

Therefore, Alephtar Games wishes to step on and take full responsibility for the game system that its English language products use. As our publishing experience is mostly based on percentile systems, we will follow the road we know the best.

In autumn 2015, Alephtar Games will crowdfund and launch its own d100-based roleplaying game. The provisional name for the system is RevolutionD100 – but it might change during the beta test phase. We hope that our existing customers will appreciate the new possibilities that this opens for us and for them.

What will be in the game?

  • A new way of using percentile dice, with levels of success and opposed rolls but without any calculations.
  • A streamlined system to run everything significant as a conflict, with simple rules that resemble those of classic RPG combat.
  • A neat and simple way to differentiate the role of stats and skill. No direct skill/stat interaction, yet both have a major role in any conflict.
  • Basic combat that runs like any other conflict, for those games where violence is not the focus.
  • Optional advanced combat with a deep level of detail, yet still based on the same principles. These are some features of advanced combat:
    • Seamless transition from non-combat to combat: achievements and penalties from other adventures carry over to combat as penalties for player characters or the opposition.
    • A fatigue system that actually works in combat (okay, you will have to see this to believe it…)
    • A new hit location system with an adjustable level of complexity. Roll the die you like!
    • Combat effects! An entirely (well, almost) new list!
    • Simple implementation of combat stunts.
    • Do-it-yourself system to determine your weapons stats. For all of you compulsive rule-tinkerers!
  • Inserts that allow you to “fall back” to more classic rules as defined in other OGL percentile-based games. While the game will be original and self-contained, you can choose to skip most of the innovative parts and use a classic approach taken from a similar ruleset. You will still need a copy of the other game, of course.
  • Open Game License that allows you to create and publish your own homebrew version of the game.
  • No default setting. Most supplements produced by Alephtar Games are of the Historical Fantasy genre. We will make sure that you can use them as a starter, so that a first choice of settings is immediately available, at least for our most faithful customers.

Publishing format

  • A free, public System Reference Document (SRD) that acts both as a reference for play and as a free gateway to the game system for those who want to learn about it before purchasing.
  • A standard printed edition, which contains the rules found in the SRD, some extra gaming hints and the “Fallback” inserts that will help you hybridize it with other rules.
  • A commercial PDF edition equivalent to the printed edition.

Roadmap to publication

  • September 2015: launch of the crowdfunding
  • October 2015: beta test document sent to backers for public playtest
  • Autumn 2015: public beta test among backers (can you miss it?)
  • January 2016: consolidation of the SRD
  • Spring 2016: delivery of the full game, in print and PDF
FaLang translation system by Faboba