Aegis is a game inspired by Japanese console RPGs that both tactical gamers and fans of narrating exciting stories will love. As agents of an elite corp in charge of exploring the ruins of a lost civilization, players must embark on dangerous missions in uncharted territories filled with unexpected dangers. They will clear their way with energy guns, sharp katanas and mystic spells, but above all with the mysterious Artifacts, symbiotes created by the technology of the Ancients which turn their owners into the preferred target of the dreadful members of the Forsaken Legion.

Each member has his or her role in the team, be it investigation or combat, which will have a strong influence on how exploration and armed conflicts evolve. By means of an innovative combat system based on a simple battle grid, Aegis incorporates a strong tactical component into its gameplay, while still focusing on how each player narrates each attack his or her character makes, rather than on the mechanical part of combat.

Aegis will give you plenty of memorable game evenings, either by playing a single, frenzied mission, or by following your heroes' deeds through a long and exciting adventure saga.

The game is presented as a digest-sized PDF optimized for reading on mobile devices.




FaLang translation system by Faboba